Spark Catalogue Photo Contest

Hi All

The Kawartha Camera Club steering committee has decided to change how we pick the photos for the Spark Catalogue this year. It is going to be a club wide photo contest with cash prizes. The following is how the contest will work and the significant dates;

- it will be open to all members of the kawarthas camera club and photos can be of any topic of your choosing.
- each person can submit 2 photos to using the following naming example:  TimC_Spark1 and TimC_Spark2 they should be sized as per month end 1024 pixels on the long side.
- Submission deadline is November 30th 2018. You can start to submit any time after getting this email.
- After November 30th I will go though the photos and number them (if there is 100 photos, they will be numbered 1-100) Once that is done I will put the photos in a folder on dropbox and link the club members to that folder through an email.
- Once members have access they will go though the pictures and pick their 10 favorite photos IE: I liked photos numbered 2,25,41,48,50, etc... Then email their choices to by December 12th,2018
- I will then tally the results and determine what the club members picked as their top 10 photos. At the January 10th club meeting at the JCC I will have a slideshow with the top ten, then members present will vote for the top 3.
- The top three photos will go into the sparks catalogue and they will receive cash prizes, 1st:$30.00, 2nd $20.00, and 3rd $10.00

Note: No submissions will be accepted after November 30th, and no votes after December 12th.

Good Luck To All

Tim Corner