KCC Enjoys Elvis, Speed and Panhandling

  • Peterborough Speedway County Road 9 Peterborough, ON Canada

KCC members have the opportunity to practise their image tracking and composition skills as the drivers practise having their picture taken on the speed oval. you may be referred to as "Swivel Hips" for good reason, as you practise your panning motion to the roar of racing engines (not a crowd of your admirers necessarily!). Here is the opportunity to let your inner Elvis "brake" loose, along with the cars as they enter the corners and leave a "hunka hunka burning"  rubber!

We meet at Peterborough Speedway parking lot at the start of the shoot. Members entering the Speedway track area are required to sign a standard waiver first. ** For your own safety, keep your attention on the location of the cars at all times, especially if you are on the infield area of the track. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult!

If you happen to get that "winning" shot, a print of it dropped off at the speedway is always appreciated by the driver and the speedway.

The KCC thanks the Peterborough Speedway for providing this opportunity for our members.