Monthly Outing #2 - from Primitive to Stately!

  • Port Hope, Ontario canada

Lucky KCC members - you get to enjoy a bonus outing to a different part of our region this month!  Following some caffeine intake, KCC members are off to Port Hope.  Yet another Canada 150 opportunity!  

First stop will be "Primitive Designs" where you can capture images of some wonderfully . . . . . different . . . stuff!  You just might be surrounded by items that scream "Pick Me, Pick Me!".  There will be inside and outside subjects to challenge you at this location. Come armed with a full camera kit.

Following probably another caffeine hit to get us into the right state of mind, the group will be off to discover the "Stately Homes of Port Hope".  Oh, don't forget to take some photos while admiring the architecture!

BY THE WAY, we plan to fit lunch in here as well. Just in case you thought we might have missed that part of the outing.  Details will follow.