2019/20 Steering Committee

The previous steering committee had been in office for 2 years. It was looking for fresh, new ideas and replacement members on the committee. Ideally, 5-7 people are required.

The steering committee consists of:

  • Chairperson - Oversees and conducts meetings.

  • Treasurer - Maintains the club financials, accounting, registrations, collection of dues and 50/50 draws

  • Secretary - looks after meeting records, maintenance of members list, name tags.

  • Website Coordinator - Maintains the website and email system and monthly slideshow.

  • Publicity person - Responsible for posters, business cards, car signs, etc. To promote the club and events.

  • Events Organizer - Responsible for determining and scheduling activities and events, monthly outings, and topic/challenge for each meeting. This individual usually calls for assistance from the membership in planning and organizing events.

The steering committee meets once a month for approximately 2 hours. If you have any questions regarding specific duties, tasks, time requirements, etc. of any of the positions, please feel free to contact the steering committee.


Kawartha Camera Club 2019/2020 Steering Committee

Carl Welbourn, Carolyn Maxwell, Barb Hiland, June Shipman, Tom Brown, Myke Parrington, Phil Townsend